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December 19, 2008

Content Writer Micky’s blog has moved to own domain

I now have a WordPress blog on my own domain and won’t be updating this blog here on any longer.

So for news, views and thoughts of a professional SEO web copywriter, visit my new blog on my website:

My blog has tips and suggestions for web copywriting and SEO, plus shows you examples of the copywriting, SEO and website projects I have been working on.


October 21, 2008

Too busy writing content to update blog… sorry!

I started this blog full of good intentions to post regularly, but I’ve been too busy in recent weeks to even think about blogging.

I’ve been writing plenty of SEO content for websites, doing some regular (print) copywriting work, consulted clients on their website usability and search engine optimisation, written optimised META Title tags for all the pages of a client’s website and am in the middle of creating a new website for another client.

Hopefully when there’s a little ‘gap’ in the workload, I’ll be able to write some new blog postings.

Until then!
Micky the Web Content Writer

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