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October 13, 2008

Australian web copywriter more affordable as AUD plunges

My SEO web copywriting rates as part of my Content Writer business are AUD 50 per hour for Australia and New Zealand, and were US$50 for North and South America and Asia, and 40 Euro for Europe. Very reasonable rates already for unique, professional SEO website content written by a skilled, international web copywriter with good SEO and marketing skills.

But the Australian dollar has been sliding over the past few weeks and I’ve decided to lower my US$ and Euro web copywriting rates for overseas clients.

This means for everyone in North and South America, Europe and Asia, my web copywriting services have suddenly become about 25% cheaper! I’ve lowered my US dollar web content writing rate from US$50 to US$40 and my Euro web copywriting rate from 40 to 30 Euro per hour.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a professional SEO web copywriter to write, rewrite or edit your website, hiring this Web Content Writer in Australia is very cost-efficient for your business right now.

You can get cheaper SEO content in India, of course, but that’s an entirely different category. I write unique and very professional website content with your business goals and your target audience in mind.

See my new, low web copywriting rates for international clients, learn more about my various web copywriting services and contact me if you want to discuss or request a quote for your project.


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